Residences At Commonwealth

The Residences at Commonwealth by Century

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Commonwealth by Century like any other project of Century Properties is an accessible, welcoming, and secure haven at a price we can all afford.

The Uncommon To Quezon City

For the first time ever, Century Properties brings its 26 year heritage of innovation, excellence and breathtaking developments to the Quezon City area.

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The Uncommon Beauty

From Broadway Malyan, the same urban planners that created Azure Urban Resort Condominium - and Acqua Private Residences, Commonwealth by Century will take its place as one of the most beautiful residential masterplans ever created for Quezon City.

This awe-inspiring new address will form the area’s first true vertical village, combining cutting-edge architecture and state-of-the-art engineering with landscaping and waterscaping never before seen in projects within this category.

Eight iconic multi-level towers will rise on the site, reflecting a distinct “cranked” design that optimizes sunlight and circulates the cool breeze.

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Each tower will be built to pay tribute to the incline of the existing terrain, following a sloping pattern of ascending height. The tallest towers will top off at 22 floors, the lowest towers at 11 floors – each tower will have a distinctive undulating facade inspired by the natural lines of the topography creating unique and generous balcony spaces afforded across all unit frontages.

Private “Floating Gardens” are integrated into choice balconies that stagger up the building facade to form a series of stepping gardens. A further network of public “green” spaces within the building are introduced in the form of Box Gardens, Vertical Gardens and Roof Gardens that are shared mutually to allow for different social groups to meet, play and relax.

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The Uncommon Convinience

Commonwealth is a vision whose time has come. Located right in the heart of the bustling condos for sale -, QC, Commonwealth by Century will become a true benchmark for residential living in the area. Immediately accessible and close to top schools, shopping centers, churches and major thoroughfares, it is a location that has long been deserving of quality real estate development.

Commonwealth Location Map -

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The Uncommon Space

condos for sale - by Century also introduces extended balconies for every unit. Each balcony dovetails into a unique chevron layout that creates a pocket of private space. This outdoor space makes your home truly special as it is expansive enough to serve as an extended living room for guests, or a personal garden for residents. This unique unit layout truly maximizes the indoor/ outdoor living experience.  What a great condominium feature!

Each unit in every tower reflects a keen understanding of the economies of space with true usability in every layout. The angled and shallow floor plates are optimized for daylight penetration and natural ventilation and also provide opportunities for diverse viewing angles either out over the central open space or onto the adjacent periphery of the site.

Click the phrases below to view our different unit plans.

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Suite (model unit)

Suite (standard bare)

1-Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, br)

1- Bedroom (standard bare unit)

2- Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, kid’s room, balcony)

The Uncommon Masterplan

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All the towers at Commonwealth by Century will encircle a truly majestic central amenity that serves as the centerpiece of the entire masterplan.

This fully landscaped and waterscaped nature park is divided into three sections with water and its escalating energies as its theme.

The Uncommon Amenities

Commonwealth by Century will feature accommodations for a wide variety of pursuits with real state - majority of amenities built into the truly majestic and architecturally awe-inspiring clubhouse – a three-storey complex designed to mirror the progression of the individual from the formative years to adulthood.

Like the story of moving water along which these amenities are built, these spaces will satisfy every kind of recreational appetite from the energetic to the meditative. A multitude of other delightful amenities are also planted along the development’s central area flanked by the 8 towers, perfecting the entire Commonwealth experience.  A sure safe haven,  accessible and welcoming  at a price we can all afford.

Basketball courts                                                    Yoga deck
Badminton courts                                                   Creche and Kindergarten
Athletic bootcamp                                                  Study and Library
The Orchard                                                           Arts and crafts studio
Fitness center                                                         School of Rock
Garden                                                                     Cooking studio and kitchen
Water garden                                                          Screening room

The Uncommon Peace

Commonwealth by Century will be a haven for your family’s safety with:
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  1. a 24/365 full time security force
  2. well-planned and well-lit vehicle parking
  3. integrated closed-circuit cameras and fast action medical and security staff
  4. on call all hours of the day and night
  5. each building will have round-the-clock maintenance, doormen, engineering and reception to ensure that all your needs are attended to
  6. the central amenities will also be protected by roving watchmen and kept pristine by the award-winning property management company Century Properties Management, Inc.

The Uncommon Value

condominium - by Century is an accessible, welcoming, and secure haven at a price we can all afford.Contact Dennis Now -

Contact Dennis Now and be one step closer to a dream uncommon.

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  8. A nice investment indeed! I’m fascinated of the plan (master) and presentation.

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